Ocean Mammal Institute

Registration Information for
OMI Research Internship 2013-2014

January 5, 2014 to January 23, 2014

Registration will be open soon.
Important Considerations:
The Application Process:
  1. Complete this registration form via the Internet. (Once you press the submit button at the bottom of the form your answers to the “Selective Questions” cannot be changed.) NOTE: Please make only one application with all requested information filled in.
    (If you prefer not to register online, please contact joneal@pa.net)
  2. Pay a deposit of $100.00 using PayPal or with a check made out to “OMI”.    
  3. OMI will review the application after the deposit and the registration form are both received.
  4. If you are NOT selected to attend the Internship your deposit will be refunded in total.
  5. If you are selected to attend the Internship your space will be considered filled only after full payment is received by OMI.
  6. You can pay the total due by PayPal or with a check to OMI.
    (NOTE: Only VERIFIED PayPal Accounts can send more than $2000 (total) per month.)
  7. Remember: You are responsible for your own airfare and food costs.
  8. Cancellation Policy:
    If cancellation is received in writing on or before 20 September 2013, your total payment, less an administrative fee of $50.00, will be refunded.
    If cancellation is received after 20 September 2013, only $1500.00 of the total $2500.00 will be refunded due to non-reimbursed hotel expenses.
    If OMI has to cancel the trip, the total $2500.00 will be refunded. Airfare (or other incurred losses) will not be reimbursed by OMI.

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